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 Of course, I wasn't the only one posting funny stuff on the bulletin boards, not by a long shot!  I would make a copy of anything funny whenever possible for my archives.

Rain on your safety glassses.png

When Conrail decided to make us all wear safety glasses, this take off of a famous anti-drug PSA appeared.

Consex logo.png

When the merger was announced, speculation on the new name was rampant.

UP night before Christmas BW.png

This one was floating around the railroad industry in the late nineties.

Christmas in Railville 1.png

Ahh, the magic of Christmas!

Apparently, it stimulates the creativity of railroaders.

Christmas in Railville 2 BW.png

I came across this bit of graffiti in a caboose at the Railroad Museum of New England.   Thankfully, they didn't paint over it when they restored the caboose. 

I encountered this portrait of Slowpoke Rodriguez on the heater of an SD-40.  What impressed me is that it was done with paint, not markers!

   I count six different colors here; so somebody was carrying a fair amount of art supplies around in their grip.


   Sometimes, conductors would engage in arts and crafts to pass the time on a road trip.

I came across this example when re-crewing a train.

     Years ago, there was a conductor who used a knife to turn water bottles into works of art.  I remember finding airplanes or sailboats, which were sometimes hanging from the sun visor.

  More recently, there was a conductor who constructed cardboard trays with dividers for the items in our crew packs.


   The toilet compartment of a locomotive was a common place to find graffiti; nearly every unit had something written on the wall. 


  I would have to give this the prize for funniest.

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