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   In November of 1972, the Gunderson Brothers delivered a group of 100 seven-panel double-door cars to the Denver & Rio Grande Western.  Numbered 40000-40099, these unique type XM boxcars featured four rows of waffle indentations and Youngstown doors.  They were assigned to the Southern Pacifc in Eugene, Oregon for lumber loading and carried a “Woodpacker” logo on the left side of the car.  The July, 1981 Equipment Register indicates that cars 40094-40099 had been re-designated as type XP and assigned to aluminum coil loading.  The July 1999 Equipment Register listed 62 cars in the 40000-40093 series, with five cars in 40094-40099 series still assigned to aluminum coil loading.  Photos show that by the early 2000’s, the Youngstown doors on some cars had been replaced by Superior doors.


   The Trainworx 80801 N-scale model is as unique as the prototype; it was created by applying etched brass waffles to a Fox Valley Models FMC boxcar.  The model features body mounted Micro-Trains couplers and metal wheels, and is available in 12 road numbers.

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