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I drew some sign sheets for my layout several years ago.  I've posted them below.  After printing them out, I glued them to a thin sheet of plastic with Walthers Goo.  I then used ACC  to glue the signs to .020" bronze rods.  If you're unfamiliar with the meaning of the signs, you can refer to to the "German Railway Signalling" article on Wikipedia.

German RR signs.jpg
Departure boards.jpg

Below are the slides from my signal presentation of October 12.

Signal basics.jpg
What type to use.jpg
Hauptsignal indications.JPG
Formsignal types.jpg
Hauptsignal types.jpg
Hauptsignal Zs.jpg
Vorsignal diagram.jpg
Vorsignal indications.jpg
Double track station A.jpg
Double track station B.jpg
Double track station C.jpg
Double track station D.jpg
Double track station E.jpg
Double track station F.jpg
Double track station G.jpg
Branchline A.jpg
Branchline B.jpg
Branchline C.jpg
Bahnubergang A.jpg
Bahnubergang B.jpg
Bahnubergang C.jpg
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