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Welcome to my website!  In case you're wondering, the title refers to a bulletin board humor column I wrote during my railroad career.  I've reorganized the site and have finally figured out how to add links.  Simply click on the capitalized title of each page.  Below is an index of what each page contains:


This page is about the historical basis for N-scale model freight cars.  It covers the period from the late forties (the twilight of steam) to the early eighties (the twilight of cabooses).  This is a huge project that I have worked on for years.  I'm working on items in a roughly chronological order, and have completed over 100 body styles so far.


This page is dedicated to railroad humor, featuring the bulletin board humor column I wrote for 25 years of my 42-year railroad career.  There are also pages from stuff I collected from bulletin boards, as well as stories of my misadventures.


This page is dedicated to information on German Railroading.  My dad was in the Air Force and I was fortunate to have lived in Germany from 1969 to 1974.  In the future, I plan pages on locomotives, rolling stock (freight & passenger), timetables, tickets and pictures.

Latest updates:
7/6- Four bay covered hoppers added to early covered hoppers page
7/16- Ga-123 longitudinal hoppers added to special hoppers page
7/28- Hart Ballast hoppers added to special hoppers stage
8/6- FTTX auto frame flatcars added to the special flat car page.
8/27- Auto frame flat cars on special flat car page revised.
11/22- FMC 5,283 boxcars added to ribbed double-door boxcars page

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