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4/9- General American G-85 flatcar on the intermodal flat cars page
4/25- 85' tri-level auto racks on the special flatcars page
5/9- New page on German steam locomotives

5/11- NACC 3000PD's on the special covered hoppers page
5/22- PS-2 4000CD added to modern covered hoppers page
5/24 PS 4427 (early) added to the modern covered hoppers page

Welcome to my website!  In case you're wondering, the title refers to a bulletin board humor column I wrote during my railroad career.  Below is an index of what each page contains:


THE "CORNRAIL" YEARS- Issues 1-61, 1994-1999

THE "CS&M" YEARS Issues 62-132, 1999-2019

STORIES- Stories of some of my more interesting trips; I'm still working on these.

STUFF FROM OTHERS- Gems culled from bulletin boards over the years.

HISTORIES-  Non-humorous historical issues.


This page is about the historical basis for N-scale model freight cars.  It covers the period from the late forties to the early eighties.  This is a huge project that I have just begun.  I'm working on items in a roughly chronological order, and have completed the following body styles:

WOOD BOXCARS- Double sheathed cars, 40' single sheathed cars, 50' single-sheathed cars

40' BOXCARS- ARA 1924 (X29), NYC boxcars, USRA REBUILT, ARA 1932, PRR X31, B&O wagontop, MILW ribbed

50' BOXCARS- PRR X32, MILW ribbed,

STOCK CARS- 36' cars, 40' cars, 50' cars, 86' cars

COVERED HOPPERS, EARLY- PRR H30, PRR H32, ACF, PS-2 2-bay, PS-2 2600, PS-2 3-bay, ACF 2927

COVERED HOPPERS, CYLINDRICAL- Minitrix Jumbo, early Center Flow, two-bay Center Flow,  3,560 cubic foot, 4,600 cubic foot and 4,650 cubic foot three-bay Center Flows, 5,250 four-bay Center Flow

COVERED HOPPERS, MODERN- PS 4,000 cubic foot, PS 4427 (early)

GONDOLAS- 40' composite, 50' composite, drop bottom, 40' solid bottom, Gunderson 2,420, 46'- Straight side, 50' straight side

GONDOLAS, SPECIAL- Cement container, G36c covered,

FLAT CARS, REGULAR- 42' flat cars

FLAT CARS, INTERMODAL- 50' flats w/2 trailers, 50' flats w/1 trailer, Flexi-Vans, Front Runners, 57' converted TOFC, General American G-85 TOFC

FLAT CARS, SPECIAL- Container cars, log cars, center depressed, well cars, 85' auto racks

TWO BAY HOPPERS- War-emergency and rebuilds, PRR Gla , USRA,  panel side, fishbelly, offset-side, eight-panel

THREE & FOUR BAY HOPPERS- Composite, Quad ribbed (H21), Quad offset hoppers, N&W H2a, 3-bay offset, AAR 70-ton, PS-3, 14-panel.

REFRIGERATOR CARS- 36' wood, 40' wood

TANK CARS- Vinegar tank, helium tank, 94' jumbo tank


This page is dedicated to information on German Railroading.  My dad was in the Air Force and I was fortunate to have lived in Germany from 1969 to 1974.  In the future, I plan pages on locomotives, rolling stock (freight & passenger), timetables and tickets.

GERMAN SIGNALS- Information about German railroad signals, as well as some sign sheets you can use. 

GERMAN STEAM- The twilight of West German steam 1968-1977